Final week bus 250 notes

This is my final week of bus 250. It has been tough and rewarding. Being able to compare myself from day one of this knowing nothing, to comparing myself now. I  built a website that is slowly but surly turning a profit. I have learned so much during the semester and that is what higher education should be about! My tuition cost for this class was worth every penny. No busy work, instead my professor Jason Poole BYUI, used assignments that applied our learnings. The application grew as we learned new skills.


Im just going to post links from every section of this class as reference for building an online site. For my next site I will follow the unit notes in order and have the skeleton for future sites.

Unit 2 Online Business models

Brainstorming Business Ideas

Unit 3 How to find Distribution and some distributors


Unit 5 Web design and ecommerce

Unit 6 Legal Structure and how to set up business license

Unit 7 Adwords Campaign and $75 free credit

Unit 8 ads and ad groups

Short Sentences Sell: How to Make a Big Bang with Little Words


Dynamic Keyword Insertion – The Ultimate Guide

9 Tips to Write Effective Google AdWords Copy

Lesson 9 Relevance and quality score

How To Master the Google Landing Page Quality Score

What Every AdWords Advertiser Should Know About Quality Score – The Ultimate QS Improvement Guide

Lesson 10 ROI and Conversion

Lesson 11 Landing page optimization

Lesson 12 Social Media for SEO

4 Steps to Social Media SEO Success

7 Steps For a Successful Social Media Strategy

Is Your Web Site SEO and Social Media Friendly?

5 Social Media SEO & Analytics Tools Worth Checking Out

Free Tools for Social Media Optimization

Link 13 Link building and back link checker 

Free Tools for Social Media Optimization

Link Building Strategies: Checklist

Top SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid (Cheatsheet)




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